Friday, July 9, 2010

Static Analysis Typically Results in 85% Defect Removal Efficiency

Caper Jones put together a nice article titled "Getting Software Quality Right."  He makes an important case for static analysis helping to increase the defect removal efficiency.  He also notes:
Combining inspections, static analysis, and testing is cheaper than testing by itself and leads to much better defect removal efficiency levels. In concert, these approaches also shorten development schedules by more than 45% because, when testing starts after inspections, almost 85% of the defects already will have been addressed.
The range for defect removal efficiency for static analysis is listed from 55% - 90% depending upon how correctly it is used.  It's a wide range and most likely highly dependent upon whether best practices are implemented or not.  Clearly a tool can be easily misapplied both from a process and product implementation perspective.

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